We empower

Women 1st time film directors

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With guidance and confidence
to show up on set like a BOSS,
ready to direct their best work.

Calling 1st Time Film Directors
Over 30, Who Are Either...

Ready to direct right now, with your script &
funding in place BUT you need the push to do
the prep work BEFORE pre-production


You're feeling stuck.  Hopeless.
Creatively burnt out.
And need to believe again.

Either way, I'm here for you.
"I AM the wheel to move you."

Satomi M. Martin

About Me

Meet The CEO.

  • CEO of Major Creations Studios, LLC
  • ​Founder of Director's Bootcamp
  • Retired Army Major in Public Affairs & Operations
  • Directed Army marketing ads
  • Filmmaker  with MFA in Film & TV productions
  • Writer of DGA & Kodak award-winning short film
  • 1st AD to Directors with films at:
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Satomi m. Martin

Filmmaker. Coach. Retired Army Major.


I'm Satomi Martin, a wife & mom in Atlanta, Ga.,  
and a retired Army Major where I've advised
Army Generals on large-scale missions. 

As I've done with top military officers, I can do with you.  I can take your vision and structure it into a "battle plan".  A roadmap for YOU to direct your best work.

Get to Know Satomi Better

My offer

is to take you on a 90-Day journey...or shorter.

From the Comforts of Your Home.

in a program called "Ready to launch" 
home of director's bootcamp.

Where The Top 3 Goals You'll Accomplish:

  • Script Breakdown for story & character emotional beats
  • Shot listing your most essential setups to help you make the day
  • Confidence with a plan to clearly articulate your vision to your cast & crew

So that when opportunity knocks...

You won't have to get ready,
You'll already be.

So click below to Book a 30-min call
So That We Can Get You,
To Do the Work

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What's included in Director's Bootcamp?

Director's Bootcamp has 3 separate journeys

which journey works best for you?

Self-pace journey

Sessions at your pace, ready and available at any time from the comforts of your home.

  • ​12 weekly sessions at your pace
  • ​Director's Bootcamp Workbook

Group coaching

Group setting with bi-weekly zoom check-ins and an opportunity to join a community of other filmmakers.

  • ​12 weekly virtual sessions
  • ​Q&A follow-up sessions
  • ​Community ​Group with other like-minded filmmakers
  • ​Director's Bootcamp Workbook

private Coaching

For those who prefer a hand-holding approach as I privately guide and prepare you to direct your film.

  • Bi-weekly one-on-one sessions
  • ​One-on-one script breakdown
  • ​Access to 12 group weekly sessions (optional)
  • ​Q&A follow-up sessions
  • ​Community Group with other like-minded filmmakers
  • ​Director's Bootcamp Workbook

Director's Bootcamp Includes:

  • ​Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins to help you find your rhythm
  • ​Tips on finding local film opportunities ​ ​
  • Script breakdown to map out your story  & character emotional beats
  • ​Making the day with shot listing your most essential setups
  • ​Insider tips on how your cast & crew hopes you show up to set
  • ​The flow "on set"
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE...


Frequently Asked Questions



I already know how to direct, why DBC?

In Director's Bootcamp, we don't show you "how to" direct, rather we give you the tools & confidence you'll need BEFORE directing so that you can clearly articulate your vision to your cast & crew.

We also coach those who struggle with doubt & disbelief, so that they are motivated into creating again.

 How do I know if this will work for me?

Of course, you may be nervous when it comes to investing in yourself, but let fear PUSH you, not stop you. 

 What if I can't commit right now?

No problem, come back when you're ready, HOWEVER, our program is designed for the busy woman.  

Check out our self-pace journey, which allows you to participate at your own pace from the comforts of your home.

 I can't afford it at this time, any options?

Director's Bootcamp is an investment in yourself. We do have 3-installment payment plans for any journey you choose.

 Is this virtual or in-person?

All sessions are held virtually via zoom.  However, in-person VIP sessions are available through our one-on-one services.

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

Once you join the journey, our awesome team will be right there to assist you along the way!

 Is there a money back guarantee?

After you join the journey, there are no refunds, HOWEVER, you are welcome to a sneak peek by joining our FREE webinars.

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