"I'm looking to coach, pace, & motivate a group of dynamic women who want to show up on set like a BOSS and believe in their dreams again.

"If that's You, then I would love to help you get ready to direct your best work, with knowing what you want and how to get it."

90-Day Journey

Satomi M. Martin

filmmaker.  coach.  retired army major.

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are you unprepared & scared to direct 
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Thursday, mAY 16, 2024
12:30 PM EST - 1:30 PM EST 

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Join our free masterclass &
learn 3 secrets to:

  • Prep your film to show up on set like a BOSS
  • Clearly articulate your vision to your cast & crew
  • Believe in your dreams again by starting new habits 


I'm Satomi M. Martin

filmmaker.  coach.  retired army major.

A wife & mom in Atlanta, Ga., and a retired Army Major where I've advised Army Generals on large-scale missions.

As I've done with top military officers, I can do with you.
I can take your vision and structure it into a "battle plan."
A roadmap for YOU to direct your best work.

Join me in this Free Masterclass to hear how I will coach, pace, and motivate you to build new creative habits and do the work so that you show up prepared, confident, and ready to inspire your cast and crew.

See you on the journey!

  • ​CEO of Major Creations Studios, LLC
  • ​Founder of Director's Bootcamp
  • ​Retired Army Major in Public Affairs & Operations
  • ​Directed Army marketing ads
  • ​Filmmaker with MFA in Film & TV productions
  • ​Writer of DGA & Kodak award-winning short film
  • ​1st AD to Directors with films at:
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Director's Bootcamp empowers women, 1st-time film directors, over 30, who are either unprepared & scared to direct or creatively burnt out, with guidance to show up on set like a BOSS ready to direct their best work, and with  confidence to believe in their dreams again. 


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